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Can't draw? Try nail art with stamping!

If you love all the cute nail art you see, but you can't draw to save your life, I have the solution! Try nail stamping! You can stamp you nails over dip powder, acrylic nails, gel polish, nail polish, and polygel. Nail stamping is one of the most versatile ways to add nail art without having to draw a single image! This cute nail art below was done with a stamping plate and stamping polishes right over a dip powder manicure. Lets chat about what nail supplies you need to stamp and then I'll explain how to add it over your manicures.

Stamping necessities:

These items are my absolute must haves for stamping at home!

When I stamp over dip powder, I do all my dip layers through clear dip powder, activate, buff and shape, then wipe with isopropyl alcohol. Then you can get directly to stamping! If you want to do a simple stamp image, you can do it directly over the dip nail you just cleaned with alcohol. If you want to do a reverse stamp, you'll need to apply sticky base, wait until its tacky to the touch, and then apply the reversed stamp!

Here are some tips for basic stamping:

  1. Do not flood the stamping plate with polish, you only need enough to cover the image.

  2. Swipe the polish down over the image with a scraper quickly and firmly at a 45 degree angle.

  3. Roll the stamper over the image in the opposite direction you scraped the excess polish off with a GENTLE rolling motion

  4. Use tape to quickly lift off any images on the stamper that you do not want on your nails.

  5. Quickly press the stamped image from the stamper onto your nails before the stamping polish dries.

Some of my favorite companies for stamping plates and polishes are Maniology (affiliate* code NicoleN10), UberChic, and Clear Jelly Stamper (affiliate* code NicoleN10)

If you're still struggling with stamping your nails, check out this video here on my YouTube Channel that will give you lots more info on how to stamp at home!

*By using any of my affiliate codes or Amazon storefront links, I make a small commission that allows me to continue this new blog! Thank you for your support!

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