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Easy Glitter Ombre With Dip Nails

If you love glitter dip powder and ombré nails, then try a glitter ombré with your dip powder!! I promise it's easier than it looks!

I like to start with a base color, either a solid or shimmer. You'll also need an ombré brush.

When you're picking a glitter to ombré with, make sure the colors have some contrast so the glitter shows up over the base color!

There was one ombré I did a while back and you could barely see it because I picked colors that were too similar. AND the glitter was really fine so the ombré effect was minimal.

But you live and learn with DIY nails! And that's part of the fun!!

If you want to see how I did this gorgeous ombré in the pictures here, make sure you check out my YouTube video below!

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