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The Easiest Nail Art

Ok, so you love nail art BUT you can't draw! I get it! It's so frustrating!

So let's talk about the easiest nail art I use. NAIL STICKERS!!!

I'm probably going to catch some heat, but I consider nail stickers to be nail art! Why not?!

You can add gorgeous designs to your manis with a STICKER!

If you're going to use dip liquids- this is my go to method.

After your last color dip, wait until it is totally dry, then dust off any excess powder. Apply the nail stickers. Really make sure all the sides of the nail stickers are pressed down. Then apply dip base and pour the clear dip powder over. Keep pouring the powder over until all the liquids are soaked up by it. Activate and finish your mani like normal.

It's literally that easy!!!!

The next method combines dip and gel liquids. So you dip your nails with dip liquids, finish with a layer of clear dip powder. Active, file and shape super smooth. Wipe your nails off with alcohol and let them dry. Apply your nail stickers and really press them down so they lay flat. Apply gel base and fully cure, gel top and fully cure. And done!

Now if you want to use gels to dip and then stickers, here's what you do. Apply your layers of dip powder with gel base, curing each layer and then dusting off excess powder. After the last dip powder layer is cured, brush off the excess powder. Apply gel base and fully cure. Wipe off the tacky layer. File and shape. Wipe off again with alcohol. Apply the sticker and really press it down into your nail. Gel base and cure, gel top and cure.

And those are all the ways I like to add easy nail art with nail stickers!!!

Let me know in the comments if you are a fan of nail stickers!!!!

Here is my YouTube video showing how easy it is to use nail line stickers!!!

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